The first beta release of Glossaico 1.0 is out for early adopters, testers and linux-on-mobile enthusiasts. Glossaico is a language learning application based on LibreLingo, a community-owned language-learning platform.

Glossaico has been created for mobile devices running Linux, but the technology stack it makes use of -Python and Qt- does not prevent it from running on other environments as well.

Glossaico Glossaico on Plasma Mobile

At the moment, it contains three language courses:

  • Spanish for English speakers
  • German for English speakers
  • Basque for English speakers

Archives and signatures are available here.

Build and install

First, install PySide2 and Kirigami2 using the package manager of your distribution. Then, extract the beta release archive and execute:

python3 -m build

After building, in the dist directory you can find the distribution files. You can now install the application:

pip install dist/glossaico-1.0b0.tar.gz


Provide your feedback and report issues on the bug tracker of the project.