Glossaico 1.2 has been released. Glossaico is a free software application for language learning based on LibreLingo.

New features

  • Desktop users can navigate using the keyboard
  • Practice can be canceled without saving progress
  • Translation infrastructure has been set up, and the user interface has been translated to Dutch, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, and Ukrainian. Many thanks to mondstern, ewm, Lamdarer, Hiajen, and albano.battistella for their work on translation.

Glossaico in Greek Glossaico translated to Greek

  • Audio plays automatically on listening challenges


  • An issue that prevented progress from being saved has been resolved
  • KDE themes can be properly applied

Breeze Dark theme applied Glossaico running on KDE Plasma with the Breeze Dark theme


A flatpak build of Glossaico is available on flathub. If the software center of your distribution supports flatpak and the flathub repository has been configured, use it to install Glossaico. You can also build it from the source code.

Source code

The release source archives can be found here, signed with this key, with fingerprint D528 D3E4 45FD ED42 5902 FA26 FBCE 495D 1EEB 565E.

Get involved

Glossaico is powered by the work of the LibreLingo community. You can get involved by joining the matrix channel and get started with contributing to the platform or to courses. For Glossaico, please report issues and provide your ideas on the bug tracker of the application, submit pull requests, or contribute to the translation of the application.