In January, one month before travelling to Brussels for FOSDEM 2020 (do you remember when the conferences were taking place in the non-virtual world?), I was following a conversation on Mastodon. The discussion was about free software companion apps that could be used on the PinePhone in FOSDEM. Calindori, the calendar of Plasma Mobile was mentioned as a tool that could do the job.

The Kongress icon The Kongress icon, thanks to Mathis Brüchert

The next day I found myself copying and modifying some Calindori code, adding new things and putting into the app the FOSDEM conference data. So, Kongress was born; a companion application for congresses - virtual or not.

With regard to the functionalities that it offers, Kongress includes:

  • Checking the conference schedule
  • Tagging talks as favorites
  • Management of multiple conferences

Conferences in Kongress Conferences supported by Kongress

From a technical point of view, the user interface of Kongress is based on Kirigami and follows the KDE Human Interface Guidelines while the back-end system uses KCalendarCore. For Kongress to be able to be used in a conference, the schedule should have been released in the ical format.

Personally, I used it in FOSDEM 2020 and it fitted my needs. Since the annual conference of the KDE community, Akademy 2020, has also been added to Kongress, I am going to use it in Akademy 2020 as well. I would be happy if Akademy attendees found it helpful and provided also their feedback.

Akademy 2020 schedule Akademy 2020 schedule

Kongress can be found in the unstable edition of KDE Neon - so PinePhone users running KDE Neon can download it directly from the Neon repositories. It’s also available in the flaptpak nightlies kdeapps repository for ARM as well as x84_64 platforms. Finally, Android users can get it from the F-Droid repository of KDE. Nevertheless, since I usually do not spend my volunteer time on working on Android, that version may need some love; patches welcome.

See you at Akademy 2020!