I am pleased to announce that Kongress 1.0 has been released. Kongress is a conference companion application enabling users to organize their participation in conferences.

The first release of Kongress offers the following features:

  • The schedule of a collection of free software conferences, displayed in various ways: full, by day, or by category - if the conference is organized in different tracks.

  • The scheduled time of each talk shown either in the organizer’s or local time zone.

  • Users can maintain a list of favorite talks per conference.

  • A notification can be displayed before the beginning of a favorite talk. At the moment, notifications are supported only on Plasma 5.20 (or later).

The primary target user-base of Kongress is people attending a conference with a Linux mobile phone. It also works on desktop, leveraging the convergence capabilities of Kirigami.

Kongress mobile Kongress on Plasma Mobile


Kongress is available in various mobile Linux distributions, like Manjaro and postmartketOS. You can also install the flatpak version of Kongress from the software repository of your distribution or directly from flathub. Android users can also try the nightly build from the F-Droid repository of KDE.

Source code

The source code and signatures can be downloaded from download.kde.org.


Feel free to provide your feedback and follow the discussion about its development on the matrix channel of Plasma mobile and the gitlab project page of Kongress.