The first bug fix release of Kongress, the conference companion application of the KDE community, is now available. Several fixes have been included in this release:

  • The time displayed on talk notifications has been corrected
  • Several crash scenarios of kongressac, the alarm checker of kongress, have been addressed
  • Corner cases of incorrect grouping of talks into conference days have been fixed
  • No duplicate conference entries are being displayed anymore
  • Generic, multi-day calendar events are not included in the per-day pages
  • Translation configuration has been fixed

Kongress mobile FOSSASIA 2021 schedule on Plasma Mobile


Kongress is available in various desktop and mobile Linux distributions. You can also install the flatpak version of Kongress from the software repository of your distribution or directly from flathub. Android users can also try the nightly build from the F-Droid repository of KDE.

Source code

The source code and signatures can be downloaded from


Feel free to provide your feedback and follow the discussion about its development on the matrix channel of Plasma Mobile.