• Calindori 1.2; the official one

    Calindori 1.2 is out! Although a couple of versions have also been tagged, that’s the first stable release of Calindori as a KDE application.

  • Going to Akademy - with a companion

    In January, one month before travelling to Brussels for FOSDEM 2020 (do you remember when the conferences were taking place in the non-virtual world?), I was following a conversation on Mastodon. The discussion was about free software companion apps that could be used on the PinePhone in FOSDEM. Calindori, the calendar of Plasma Mobile was mentioned as a tool that could do the job.

  • Creating a serial adapter for PinePhone

    The other day I wanted to connect to my PinePhone from my desktop computer. Since USB tethering is not functional yet on KDE Neon that runs on the phone, a wifi connection should have been established on the phone side to get access to a terminal. But if you would like to debug the booting process or wifi is not an option, serial communication is the way to go.

  • Calindori 1.1 is out: reminders, repeating events and more

    A new version of Calindori, the calendar application of Plasma Mobile, is now available. In Calindori 1.1, a set of new features has been added as well as the user interface has been improved, following the KDE human interface guidelines.

  • Creating a Kirigami application, the easy way

    Interested in getting started with Kirigami development in a few minutes? Since version 5.63 of the Kirigami framework, there is an easy way to do so: an application template. The template facilitates the creation of a new application, using CMake as the build system, and linking to Kirigami dynamically as a plugin at runtime.

  • Akademy, the pulse of a vibrant community

    Have you ever wondered how KDE, a global community of volunteers, can successfully create and maintain such a large set of software projects? Projects that, among many others, include image and video editing applications, a powerful desktop environment and frameworks that make the work of developers easier. If you have not found the answer yet, I recommend you to participate in Akademy, the annual conference of the KDE community, because the answer is not a technical one.

  • Organizing time on Plasma Mobile

    About a year ago the phabricator tasks of Plasma Mobile were extensively revamped. We tried to make clear the objective of each task, providing helpful resources and facilitating onboarding. Looking at the features needed to reach the “Plasma Mobile 1.0” milestone, the calendar application was sticking out. So, Calindori was born (even though this name was coined some months later).

  • Notes on the Plasma Mobile sprint

    As soon as I offered my mobile phone number for the proof of concept of sending an SMS from a phone running Plasma Mobile, I felt like a student in the Stanford Research Institute expecting the very first message via the ARPANET from UCLA . OK, that’s certainly an exaggeration, but it shows that the sprint, except the technical achievements, it was also full of community spirit and sometimes, emotions.